Saturday, 12 May 2012

So today 12th May is Fibromyalgia awareness day.

I suppose I should be writing how people understanding this illness would be a step forward, but to be honest I don't think it would.

People are hateful and cruel most of the time to anyone who isn't what they expect them to be. So whether or not they had all the facts about Fibro they would still be assholes. 

Being disabled, fat, black, gay whatever it is will always be the trigger for abuse no matter how much awareness there is in the world.

I would rather have a Fibromyalgia Cure day, now that would be worth advertising!!

:0) xxxJoolsxxx

Thursday, 8 March 2012


Should I be offended? Should you be offended? Should the general public be offended???

Tonight I was doing my usual winding down time. I look through peoples posts on Facebook and catch up with the goings on of the day.

Usually I have a few laughs, give out a few hugs and then go on to one of the games I play before signing off and trying to sleep. Tonight however I am unable to unwind let alone try and sleep. I shall tell you why.

One friend made a comment about where someone had parked a mobility scooter. This in turn started a thread on his page where one of his friends said "people with blue badges park where the Fuck they like but if we parked in a spaz space we would get done"!

The comment alone made my blood boil but what was worse was the fact that everyone else carried on chatting like it was perfectly ok to speak like that about the disabled.

Needless to say I didn't keep my mouth shut and told her I hoped she never had an accident and unfriended someone who I have known for 18 years. If he didn't feel the need to object to what she said then he is obviously no friend of mine.

Thanks to David Cameron and his cronies and all the liars in the press the disabled are now fair game it seems. Well I worked and paid my taxes and look what happened to me. People need to think before they speak because one day they too could be a spaz!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

So sick of it this week, it has been one thing after another and I am not built to take it anymore. There was a time when I used to strive on it. Had three jobs and never sat down, was super organized and never flustered. Now if the weather changes I am either shouting or crying!!
I am supposed to be going to see the GP on Monday for my 6mth review thing. He hauls you in then sends you out again, that is stressing me no end. He never listens to me, brushes off anything I am worried about and refuses to let me have blood glucose strips to keep my diabetes under control.
Seems all the doctors where I live are the same as the last one was a pain in the arse too. I complained and got struck off so am too scared to complain to the new one incase the same happens again. So now I sit stressing about seeing him until I have been and got it out of the way for another 6 months. Why the hell I have to keep going is beyond me as he does nothing when I am there!!
Then there is all the worry about the overhaul of the benefit system and we need doctors in our corner to back us up. Yeah right fat chance of mine ever actually helping me, DH asked for help to have the medical doc come to us instead of him having to drive miles and was told no. Whereas a friend of mine didn't even ask her doc and he offered it straight away.
We need to move to a bigger house in a better area and all the stress will fade away.........................I hope.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello again hello.............half past silly and once again I am wondering why I am wide awake. There has got to be some sort of alarm system that I can use to remind me to take my meds surely? Have been feeling like poo for the entire half term holidays. I had hoped to utilise my DH and get some things done but I felt like crap and spent most of the time in bed watching films on television. 

I wish we had some magic motivation pill or something, that could put fibro in a box for a week so I could actually achieve something. It really is infuriating when your mind never stops twirling and thinking of things to do and say, and either you are too drained to do them or forget them entirely.

The latest brainwave of the government to get the benefit scrounging scum (the disabled to you and I) off benefits is to put us into full time work for nothing. If we don't do as we are told our money is stopped. Have they not thought, if we could do a full time bloody job we wouldn't be on sodding benefits!!!!!

Can't wait to see who is going to employ me when on a good day I can't string a legible sentence together, can't lift things, can't hold a phone or my arm locks and spasms and I can't string a legible sentence together, can't stand, can't walk, can't drive, can't sleep at night so need naps I the day.........and so on, gonna get a great catch with me aren't they?

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So damn tired all the time now and next to bloody useless too. I used to do everything and without a car too. I walked everywhere did the shopping and housework, running round after children etc, now it is a feat to brush my teeth!!

When I do eventually get to sleep if nobody woke me I would sleep forever. I am drained right now but trying to stay awake for a bit longer. Then there is always that fine line where you can push through the fatigue and then get all wakied up again and can't get to sleep at all.

Nope it is no good I am gonna have to get some shut eye before I fall asleep on the keyboard, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.......

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sat here with a poorly baby beside me. She feels sick and is burning up but thankfully got her to lie down and go to sleep. Hoping she will feel much better when she awakes. Only trouble is she is on DH side of the bed and is showing no signs of wanting to move. May just get a snore free night for a change.

Was so annoyed the other day after watching a programme about a 74 stone lady in America who was accused of murder. The venom that was spat at this poor woman (who was innocent in the end) because she was too FAT to go to jail was sickening. Made me wonder is Fat the new Black?

There seems to be a law to cover most things now except size. People feel they have a right to point, shout abuse and laugh in public and that is perfectly acceptable. They make assumptions about people they have no knowledge of and destroy people's lives by bullying. We have anorexic 6 year olds because of this and the way the tabloids and magazines make laughing stocks of overweight people. This needs to stop, it needs to be as unacceptable as racist and homophobic comments and the day can not come soon enough for me.

I have had a frozen shoulder for weeks (had one before in the other shoulder and still suffer with it now) and it is killing me and I have tried everything I can think of for it. I am not going to the doc as he is useless and anything I complain of he says he has it!! So if there is anyone reading this that has any cures please share thanks.