Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello again hello.............half past silly and once again I am wondering why I am wide awake. There has got to be some sort of alarm system that I can use to remind me to take my meds surely? Have been feeling like poo for the entire half term holidays. I had hoped to utilise my DH and get some things done but I felt like crap and spent most of the time in bed watching films on television. 

I wish we had some magic motivation pill or something, that could put fibro in a box for a week so I could actually achieve something. It really is infuriating when your mind never stops twirling and thinking of things to do and say, and either you are too drained to do them or forget them entirely.

The latest brainwave of the government to get the benefit scrounging scum (the disabled to you and I) off benefits is to put us into full time work for nothing. If we don't do as we are told our money is stopped. Have they not thought, if we could do a full time bloody job we wouldn't be on sodding benefits!!!!!

Can't wait to see who is going to employ me when on a good day I can't string a legible sentence together, can't lift things, can't hold a phone or my arm locks and spasms and I can't string a legible sentence together, can't stand, can't walk, can't drive, can't sleep at night so need naps I the day.........and so on, gonna get a great catch with me aren't they?

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