Monday, 4 July 2016

Is this a Fibromyalgia flare?

I finally got diagnosed with Fibro in 2003 but had symptoms years longer than that.

I was slow on finding support groups online and had no one else to discuss it with.

One thing I did see people talking about was when they were having "Flares". I had no idea what they meant as I felt like death warmed up most days and everything was such a struggle. They said that they were unable to do anything and that is me everyday almost.

Until this last week that is. We had to take our Daughter to A&E and had a 3 hour wait to see the nurse and then a wait to see the doctor. The chairs were not the most comfortable and there was a baby screaming the place down the entire time.

I thought I had done quite well until I went to bed on Monday night and didn't get up till Wednesday morning! Then again went to sleep half way through Wednesday woke up for a bit then went to sleep till Friday spent all morning yawning and went back to sleep and missed yet another day!!

I miss the odd day here and there but to be washed out for an entire week (and I still don't feel right this week either) has thrown me I must say. I already feel useless and this made me feel 100 times worse.

It seems all I do is sleep these days and the least thing is a major struggle. So am I having a Flare and how long do they last?

Thanks for reading (if you did )