Saturday, 20 June 2015

Think I am out the other side..............fingers crossed

Well here we are another week on and I still have IBS from hell, but on the bright side it is getting easier to cope with. Don't tell anyone but I think I may be coming to the end, because I mean how much more can there be lol??

So in between sleeping, not sleeping and trips to the loo I haven't really been doing too much. I did however find the funniest Fibro blog post I have ever read. When I am over tired I giggle at anything and I found this when I was 24 hours sleep deprived so I thought I was going to pee myself (nearly did if the trugh be told!)

So as there is no news this end I thought I would share it to give you all a good laugh. There is so much misery surrounding fibro it's nice to see the funny side and have a really good laugh so go HERE now and have a good belly laugh.

Thanks for reading (if you did)
Till next time
Hugs :0)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Weaning off the meds.............

Hi all remember when I wrote this.

Well I sat down and decided I was going to wean myself off the 75mg of Amytriptiline a day I was on.

I was very wary to be honest as I have been on them years and had an allergic reaction years ago and had to stop them. I was in agony and thought I would crack up with the pain. I was even given (after a huge argument with the GP who didn't want to listen to the specialist at the hospital) morphine patches and they did nothing! I thought I would go mad untill a new GP said try them again and see how you go and I was fine weird huh?

So when I decided I wanted to come off them I was dreading the pain coming back and hitting me round the back of the head.

Well here I am nearly off them, I am on 1 every other night till Sunday then it will be none!!! To be honest I feel OK. Apart from extra fatigue and pain it is OK. I can manage this with my painkillers and hot water bottle. I am assuming it will get worse but maybe it wont?!?

I am praying I can cope without the meds as the alternative is scary and I would rather be in pain than lost altogether.

Have any of you tried to come off meds and how did it go?

Thanks so much for reading (if you did)
Hugs :0)