Wednesday, 11 January 2012

So damn tired all the time now and next to bloody useless too. I used to do everything and without a car too. I walked everywhere did the shopping and housework, running round after children etc, now it is a feat to brush my teeth!!

When I do eventually get to sleep if nobody woke me I would sleep forever. I am drained right now but trying to stay awake for a bit longer. Then there is always that fine line where you can push through the fatigue and then get all wakied up again and can't get to sleep at all.

Nope it is no good I am gonna have to get some shut eye before I fall asleep on the keyboard, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.......

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sat here with a poorly baby beside me. She feels sick and is burning up but thankfully got her to lie down and go to sleep. Hoping she will feel much better when she awakes. Only trouble is she is on DH side of the bed and is showing no signs of wanting to move. May just get a snore free night for a change.

Was so annoyed the other day after watching a programme about a 74 stone lady in America who was accused of murder. The venom that was spat at this poor woman (who was innocent in the end) because she was too FAT to go to jail was sickening. Made me wonder is Fat the new Black?

There seems to be a law to cover most things now except size. People feel they have a right to point, shout abuse and laugh in public and that is perfectly acceptable. They make assumptions about people they have no knowledge of and destroy people's lives by bullying. We have anorexic 6 year olds because of this and the way the tabloids and magazines make laughing stocks of overweight people. This needs to stop, it needs to be as unacceptable as racist and homophobic comments and the day can not come soon enough for me.

I have had a frozen shoulder for weeks (had one before in the other shoulder and still suffer with it now) and it is killing me and I have tried everything I can think of for it. I am not going to the doc as he is useless and anything I complain of he says he has it!! So if there is anyone reading this that has any cures please share thanks.