Saturday, 20 June 2015

Think I am out the other side..............fingers crossed

Well here we are another week on and I still have IBS from hell, but on the bright side it is getting easier to cope with. Don't tell anyone but I think I may be coming to the end, because I mean how much more can there be lol??

So in between sleeping, not sleeping and trips to the loo I haven't really been doing too much. I did however find the funniest Fibro blog post I have ever read. When I am over tired I giggle at anything and I found this when I was 24 hours sleep deprived so I thought I was going to pee myself (nearly did if the trugh be told!)

So as there is no news this end I thought I would share it to give you all a good laugh. There is so much misery surrounding fibro it's nice to see the funny side and have a really good laugh so go HERE now and have a good belly laugh.

Thanks for reading (if you did)
Till next time
Hugs :0)

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