Monday, 4 July 2016

Is this a Fibromyalgia flare?

I finally got diagnosed with Fibro in 2003 but had symptoms years longer than that.

I was slow on finding support groups online and had no one else to discuss it with.

One thing I did see people talking about was when they were having "Flares". I had no idea what they meant as I felt like death warmed up most days and everything was such a struggle. They said that they were unable to do anything and that is me everyday almost.

Until this last week that is. We had to take our Daughter to A&E and had a 3 hour wait to see the nurse and then a wait to see the doctor. The chairs were not the most comfortable and there was a baby screaming the place down the entire time.

I thought I had done quite well until I went to bed on Monday night and didn't get up till Wednesday morning! Then again went to sleep half way through Wednesday woke up for a bit then went to sleep till Friday spent all morning yawning and went back to sleep and missed yet another day!!

I miss the odd day here and there but to be washed out for an entire week (and I still don't feel right this week either) has thrown me I must say. I already feel useless and this made me feel 100 times worse.

It seems all I do is sleep these days and the least thing is a major struggle. So am I having a Flare and how long do they last?

Thanks for reading (if you did )


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  2. Hey Jools! Boy, I'm with you! I know exactly what that feels like, I did something last Sat. for 2 hours, and it threw me into a CFS flare for the rest of the week! Funny you posted this, I'm posting about my flare on Mon.!! HAHA! Great minds think alike! ;) Thanks for partying at Chronic Friday Linkup! Pinned/Shared/Tweeted

    1. Hi honey thanks so much for commenting and all the rest it really is appreciated. Have been off the pc all week so have loads to catch up on now, full of life at 02.30 typical LOL. Hope you are feeling better too :0) xx

  3. I'm sorry, this will sound selfish, but I am glad to have found your blog. Your story could easily be mine, i'm so sorry that you have it, but i'm happy for myself, in a weird way, that I now know I am not alone. I'm so proud of myself somedays just because I've showered and dried my hair, but i'm then in so much pain and tiredness that I can't go and do what I was getting ready to do !
    It's a horrible disease xx

    1. I totally understand what you mean. It helps to know other people are feeling it too and you are not going round the twist. It is also useful to show others who may question is it really that bad. If people only knew what I used to do and now for over 7 years I am stuck in the one room staring at four walls and going slightly mad lol. Feel free to to contact me on youtube if you ever need to let loose.

  4. Hi, I ran across your YouTube channel by looking up tumeric for FM. I watched your video, the one with the coconut supplements. I was laughing so hard at those pills!! They were HUGE!!
    I watched more videos about FM you posted and was hooked! I loved how honest and real you are. I know your pain, sister! I'm so glad I found you!!

    1. Awwwwww thanks Aimee I am so happy I made you laugh :0)
      I hate that you are dealing with FM but so happy you found me too. I need to make some more videos but we are having a heatwave at the moment and it just kills me. Hope to chat soon again :0) xxx