Saturday, 8 October 2011

I am supposed to be filling in a DLA renewal form. Form that's a laugh for a start it is huge, more like a book than a form. I hate it when they land on the doormat. Instant stress just add benefit claims.
They have to be hand written and I can no longer write a full sentence. My hand aches, my arm locks, it is totally illegible and I can never fit what I want to say in the box provided.
I have to write as if the person reading the form has no idea about the disability. Which is true anyway as you find out if you ever phone the "help" line, they haven't got a clue.
I have to include every small detail known to man including who wipes my arse and how often. Is it in the day or night, how long does it take them and on and on and on the incessent questions all the same just worded differently.
Now we have the added stress of the "Benefits Shakeup" which basically means they want to throw 20% of claimants off benefit to lower the bill. They don't care if you are ill or not. If they can find a loophole or a dodgy doctor *cough *cough to say you are a big fat liar then you get the nope sorry we don't believe you pack in the door but you can appeal.
Appealing means yet more forms, and doctors, and a stressful interview in front of a panel of people, who whether they like the look of you or not decide on your fate. I am not exaggerating for those of you who may be reading this from abroad. There are people as I type killing themselves rather than face their life with no benefits.
At this present moment all that is put on a back burner as this form has to be done whether I like it or not. So the plan is type a little bit every night when/if I am thinking straight. Then I will print it all off and stick it to the form as there is no way I can fill it in, in pen.
Makes me laugh though, they send these forms to people who are disabled and not capable of working, yet they expect a 34 page form of intricate detailed knowledge about your disability and how it affects you in legible handwriting in two weeks. FFS if I could do that I would have a bloody job!


  1. You gotta laugh or you'll cry. I hate paperwork and can't even take in the questions sometimes... but 34 pages! Sorry you have to do this

    1. They do it put people off but the only people that they put off are the genuinely sick people. :0) x

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