Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Fibrofog infers a time when you get muddled and eventually it clears and things are back to "normal". Which is why I am terrified I haven't got brainfog at all and it is in fact early onset dementia or alzheimers.

I am having memory lapses and even when people tell me what happened I have absolutely no recollection of events at all, and now it is scaring me.
Two incidences in as many days and I am really starting to freak myself out. I had some ice cream while watching TV with my DH and when he was going out of the room I went to hand him the bowl to put in the kitchen. NO BOWL??? He hadn't seen what I had done with it so helped me look under cushions and blankets etc and nope it wasn't there. Then my DS tells me I had given it to him earlier why did I not remember that?
Today sorting out paperwork for the damn DLA form and put an envelope to one side and file later, yeah you got it it's disappeared off into the ether somewhere. I have looked and looked till I am driving myself insane and just can't find it.
It is so frustrating and scary all at the same time. If anyone is reading this and they have fibro and this sounds like them please let me know as I am scared the men in the white coats are gonna come and drag me off.

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