Thursday, 25 April 2013

Pain poem

I wrote this some years back and just came across it again so thought I would share............


If you could see it in every joint
All round my body and pressure points
Pounding never ending angry red

Would you have some sympathy
Would you perhaps believe in me
Or would you still say "I'm fine it's in my head"

If you saw me cry at night
Because I know I've lost the fight
And life will never be the same again

Would you stop and offer me
A hug a coffee or an ear
Or pretend you didn't hear and carry on

Some days I wonder why get out of bed or even try
To do some gentle housework or cook a meal
When I know that the next day I will be left high and dry
Wracked in agony and fatigued and on my knees

People with the common cold
Get fussed upon don't work they're told
Stay in bed and come in when you can

But people with what I endure
Are ignored and laughed at and even more
Are told to go and pull themselves together

Spare a thought when you next complain
Of a headache or toothache or other pain
You know yours will soon come to an end!

Julia King (09/09/2009)

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