Sunday, 4 June 2017

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to!


I am about to have a party for one!
A pity party to be exact.
I know other people have it worse, and I know there are terrible things happening in the world.
However, on a rare occasion, I just want to wail and tonight is the night.
If you think you will get pissed off by this feel free to give it a miss

Tonight I sat here and sent a card to a beautiful young lady and her Fianceé who are getting married soon. They have all their life in front of them and understandably are pretty damn excited.

Today the Fianceé's sister announced she is pregnant and her baby is due in December, she is getting married next year. Their Brother and his Fianceé is also getting married this year and the invite is on the way.

Then a Friend from when I worked at Butlins is getting married in August and wanted me and the family to go.

So why the pity party I hear you ask?
Because I can't go to any of them. My heart is breaking that I won't get to see any of them on their special days and will have to make do with photos and videos on Facebook.

Then, of course, the age-old complaint of hating this house and where we live. I looked in areas around where my cousins live out of curiosity to see if my son would have more joy job hunting and there were loads of opportunities.

Could we afford a house there?............NO
Could we afford to rent there?.........NO

I am sick of being sick and missing out on everything. My son was 21 over two weeks ago and we still haven't been able to get out for a meal to celebrate it because of Fibro.

It will be my 22nd wedding anniversary in two days and that will come and go without anything happening to break the monotony!

I could scream I am so sick of this.
I am going to go have a shower now because 
1. I am too damn hot again and
2. No one can catch me crying!!

Thanks for reading 
(if you did)
Normal service will resume soon.



  1. I'm so sorry babe I just wish I could take away all your pain and sadness big gentle hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I'll join your pity party if you'll join mine. Maybe it will help us feel a bit better, but if it doesn't - at least we are together :)

    1. Bless you honey. It's nice to know people understand but I hate the fact you are in the same boat xxx