Friday, 3 July 2015

What's bloody next?!?!?

As I am sat here typing my legs and arms are going numb. I have been searching the Internet for a bit and it looks like it is Peripheral Neuropathy!!!

I have felt like crap for a while and asked hubby to get me some blood glucose test strips the other day.  I used to get them from the GP after I wrote a long letter explaining the only way I could keep my diabetes under control was to test. Then all of a sudden the receptionist refused to add them to my prescription when hubby phoned for my meds!!

Just before they stopped me getting the strips they changed me from Metformin to Gliclazide as I had some sort of allergic reaction to the Metformin (bit like the Amytriptiline before it!!) and I am convinced it has never worked. So hubby goes to buy them and has to have a stand up argument with the pharmacist who says Oh no she can't have those only Type 1 diabetics need to test!

Anyhoo he stood his ground and got them at a cost of £24 and glad he did as my numbers were waaaaaaay off. Now how would I know and try and do something about it without the strips?? So I have been no carbing as much as I can for days and my numbers are still sky high (hence why I think the meds are not working) and the fact that I have the numb arms and legs would appear to confirm they never have!

So according to all the sites I am stuck with this now as it is not reversible I just want to cry. Why Me?????????? I am sick to death of being bloody sick and I DO NOT need another bloody thing to add to the list. Just want to crawl under the duvet and never come out.

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