Thursday, 4 September 2014

Will I die in this room?

Hi all.

Have been putting off writing this down but if I don't I will go mad.

For those who don't know I am housebound (well bedroom bound) and have been stuck in this room for SEVEN YEARS.

Our stairs are very narrow and steep and the sitting room is too drafty to sit in. Then there is the pain from getting up out of a sofa and back down again yadda yadda.

Anyhoo I threw myself on the mercy of the social services and asked would I be eligible for there adaptions grant.

I had done this once in the past. We bought an all singing and dancing shower pod thing with a seat thinking it would be the answer to all our prayers but the seat rusted (could only happen to us!) and my autistic daughter hated it as it was so noisy (needed a pump) and she screamed the entire time.

So then I saw a walk in bath with a shower over it and thought voilá that is the answer to our prayers and phoned up to get a quote. Whoa £8,000 for a bath!!! So we asked social services to help with the backing of a letter from our daughters specialist. To say they were rude is being polite and at the end the woman said she couldn't do anything to help someone who stayed upstairs and as our daughter could walk she didn't need help into a bath!!

OK fast forward to 6 years later and we asked again. Was thrilled to see someone new as was not looking forward to the third degree from that woman again. At the start they wanted to put in a stairlift even though there is not the room. Then they suggested a lift which would come out in the middle of our bed! Then they said a wet room at one end of our kitchen?!?!

Anyhoo in the end they said I was eligible for the £30,000 grant to adapt the house. I asked for a bedroom and wetroom to be added on downstairs and they then said I would have to wait for the work to be done. One year later I finally get a call to say I have reached the top of the list and they would be coming out to go through our finances (which they had already done).

So hubby phones them back to say we had already done all the paperwork and was just waiting for them to come and start the works. To which he was told oh you won't get a bedroom and a wetroom for that grant it will cost more. How much more?? Oh we don't know till we get the architect to draw up plans and price it up. And you didn't tell me this a year ago because??

We don't have huge savings (and if we did we wouldn't be allowed the grant in the first place) so we can't say do it and we will see how much over you go as we have no money, no chance of a loan so we are stuck.

So again I ask ............. Am I going to die in this room?

Thanks for reading
(if you did)
:0) xxxJoolsxxx


  1. Different approaches depending on your local authority can cause all sorts of trouble across a community. There should be a country wide minimum standard of care depending on need but some councils aren't worth 'jack s@*t - looks like yours is run by some modern day Hitler!

    1. You got that right Gary :0) Thanks for the comment.

  2. An interesting read. it seems once again, nothing, I repeat nothing, is simple with this chronic condition. Fibro sucks!