Monday, 22 July 2013

Fibromyalgia and NOISE!!

Thanks for Watching
:0) xxxJoolsxxx


  1. Neighbour noise and associated stress was the start of my chronic pain.
    After several years of peace its starting all over again and my pain levels are rocketing.
    Being housebound means i cant escape it, its living hell.
    Industrial strength ear plugs plus noise cancelling headphones help but the downstide is not being able to hear alarms etc.
    Time to move but the prospect of selling house, packing, moving is too exhausting.

    1. I feel your pain. I want to move to but am stuck, this house would not raise enough to go anywhere else and as we are all disabled no way of raising extra money its hell. I will say a prayer something gives for you. Thanks so much for the comment :0) x