Saturday, 16 March 2013


Funny isn't it how it only takes something just out of the routine of things, to push you over the edge? Now I am no stranger to pain, I have it 24 hours a day day in day out BUT.....a few days ago my shoulder started screaming and hasn't stopped. Did I raise my hand too high, or pick up something heavy? Who knows what started it, and it wasn't even anything I can remember so it can't have been me doing something I shouldn't, like having a life maybe!!

Hubby thinks I have pulled a muscle and he could be right but Oh My God it is sending me doo lally. I can cope with the Fibro pain I have got used to it. I have really bad IBS days and can cope with them too, I may shed a few tears but I can deal with it, but this!

I have tried heat, arnica, ibulieve, pain killers, sleep, pressure, ignoring it, distraction, everything short of cutting my arm off. A friend said I should try cold but I am miserable enough without bloody frostbite too. If anyone actually reads this and has any ideas please leave a comment. The pain is at the back under my shoulder blade and feels like burning and no matter where I put my arm the pain is constant.


  1. have read x hope you get some answers and some relief from the pain.
    hugs xx
    like you said other than heat or cold pack or pain relievers...
    have you looked in to chiropractor/ massage?
    essential oils, relaxation techniques. just guess work here xx love xx

    1. Massage sounds good but Hubs is very heavy handed lol. Sleep seems to be the only answer for now, xxxxxxxx