Sunday, 10 February 2013

Water and Horses!

Just a few things playing on my mind tonight so I thought if I wrote them down and got them out of my head I may sleep hmmmmmm.

The other day the news was on and they were saying that water bills are going up. The newsreader was talking to some suit about why when they had such astronomical profits. He explained that work needed to be done and they had people who invest money and need a return. Ok so far, then the newsreader says but why are you making the public pay for this, His response just like a good politician was to dodge the question and say that they were up grading the system and didn't want to make the public pay for the entire thing so they have investors blah de blah blah.

Correct me if I am wrong but the way I understood business was this. You have a company you trade, you make a profit, you plow that back into the business. The newsreader pointed out the amount of profit they have yet they still want to make us pay??
Of course there is no way you can change providers for a better deal so they can do what the hell they like. I wonder how other businesses would fare if they were to hike their prices up and keep all the profit?

Moving on to the topic of the day which is the horse meat in so called beef products in the supermarkets. Oh don't worry they say (as they would as they don't give a shit as they don't have to eat it, but the POOR do yet another kick in the knackers for us all) it isn't a health hazard. No worries it won't make you sick, aren't they missing something.............IT'S A BLOODY HORSE!!! I don't want to eat horse thank you or dog or rat, I don't care if it can't do me harm it is still a BLOODY HORSE!!

Makes you wonder what else they are not telling us...........

Now I'll never sleep

XxxJoolsxxx :0)