Monday, 4 February 2013

Philip Schofield I am talking to you...........

Lost another day this week, thanks CFS!! Slept all of Sunday until madam had another bout of sickness around 12am. Thankfully after a strepsil eased her throat she dropped off again.
Due to the long on/off sleep I woke in the daytime for a change yaaaay. No beginning to wish I had slept longer after I watched Philip Schofield's rant about the "FAT" who should just get up and get out to work.
I am so sick of the disabled, sick and poor being the main "news" stories these days, and rich and healthy TV presenters spitting forth rubbish about a life they have no understanding of. Yes Philip I am looking at you.
That so called news headline was there to create a reaction and boy did it do that. Do you honestly think people get signed off work just because they are fat?? Don't be so naive, there is a myriad of reasons why people are unfit for work and I can almost guarantee you that the "fat" people who are signed off are because they are chronically ill not just fat.
How about doing a bit of investigative journalism and finding out why these people are the way they are. You will find with a majority of people with an eating disorder a back story of sexual or physical abuse which led to the over eating. It is not just greed as you and Paul Ross seem to think at all.
Oh they should just get up and go to work, do you tell blind people to just look? Do you tell deaf people to just listen? NO because there is a reason they are the way they are which is the same with the majority of fat people.
Another point I would like to raise is the cost of food. I am sure you and Paul never give it a second thought, and are provided with wonderful healthy food to eat everyday. Try doing a weekly shop in the local supermarket on job seekers allowance and see what it buys you! The things you can afford to buy are all the things on offer and buy one get one free. Now look at what food exactly is on offer...........burgers, crisps, ice cream etc. Do you see fresh meat and veg on sale NO which is why poor people eat crap food it is all they can afford.
I am chronically ill and on medication that makes me gain weight. I am not disabled because I am fat, I have become fat because I am disabled. Why don't you try to think before you speak next time, or better yet live a month on jobseekers allowance and budget for a family of 4 and see how well you eat, that is if you can eat at all after paying out for everything else first!
You are lucky you have your health and a great career, be thankful for what you have and try not to sneer at those who were unlucky to be born in to a poor household and are doing the best that they can. Or those who have had accidents at work, or who have become ill through no fault of their own. It could have been you!


  1. Exactly I've lost all respect for those two arseholes

    1. Yaaaaaay my first ever comment lol. Thanks xxxxxxx