Thursday, 24 January 2013

I got out!!

Got out of the house today. Oh before you get the banners out it was nothing special. I went as far as the local ASDA to have an eye test with my hubby and daughter. We also wanted to get birthday cards and let her pick a cake as she is 10 tomorrow, well today if you want to be penickity as it is now 04.36am.

My eyes have been bad all my life and recently have the added problem of now needing reading glasses as well as seeing glasses, could also do with finding my glasses glasses but they don't seem to do them!

I picked up some tippex and a glass chopping board for my Micke table so hopefully can cover the marks and make sure there are no more!! Then I had my eye test and she suggested varifocals!! OMG I am officially OLD!! I have the grey hair, and the rickity hips and knees and now the varifocals UGH, it was them or seeing ones and readers hung round my neck like a crap accessory.

The assistant helped me pick bigger glasses so there is more room for the lens to change. She had to help me as I can see bugger all without my glasses and hubby was in with the optician and madam. I chose lilac, no surprise there lol. I think they will look ok but to be honest I am now past caring. If I can go out in public with my wire wool halo undyed a pair of crap glasses won't phase me.

Was just sat thinking about when I had my daughter. Seems like only yesterday when I was on the trolley waiting to go into theatre and the girl behind me was trying to queue jump by offering me bribes lol. It was all over so quick and there she was all red faced scrunched up and screaming, and of course hubby and I were all red faced and crying. Hard to believe she will be 10!

She has been my little star and always makes me laugh. She has the kindest heart of any child I have ever met and for an autistic child that is saying a lot. She caught sight of her presents in my room tonight and said wow are all those for me? She never expects anything and rarely asks for anything and is always so happy for anything she is given. I am looking forward to the next 10 years to see what type of young lady she grows into.

Anyhoo should get some sleep I suppose. If only you know how funny that was, I had about an hour last night and am still wide awake. Maybe I should have picked up some chloroform??!!

:0) xxxJoolsxxx

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