Thursday, 10 November 2011

I have a 30 piece bongo band in my head and just know they will be in residence for at least a week if not more! I feel like my head is in a vice and someone is tightening it up and up and up. There is nothing I can do now but bear it and wait for it to pass. All the tablets in the world won't move it, I know I've tried.
I have no energy either, I put the DLA form on hold and haven't even looked at it in over a week. My body clock is all back to front again and I am falling asleep at 9am. I have tried lying down early but just lie there awake for hours and hours. I have things I need to do but can't do them at night when everyone else is asleep so they just don't get done.
I feel totally useless at the moment. I wish there was some sort of energy tab I could take, just to get me through the day, to do what I need to then I can get back into a normal sleep pattern. It happens like this all the time, I get back into a routine for a few weeks then slowly it works itself out and I am up all night and asleep all day!!
On a happy note I got all the Christmas presents bought online so my part is done and DH has the fun job of wrapping it all.

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